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List of USA Blacklisted Universities in 2022 (Fake Online Colleges)

A Listing of Universities on the Academic Blacklist in the United States in 2022

List of USA Blacklisted Universities in 2022 (Fake Online Colleges): There is a significant amount of interest among students in pursuing higher education in the United States. Even before they leave their home country to apply for admission, these individuals are beginning the process of preparing themselves to meet their objective of gaining entry into prestigious educational institutions by taking admissions exams such as the GRE, IELTS, and TOFEL. But what if they hadn’t done their research as thoroughly as they should have and applied to universities that are on a banned list?

Simply put, this is a list of all of the bogus colleges or institutions that are on the prohibited list. We do not have any information regarding the aforementioned universities. As a result, when you are selecting a college or university to attend, you should make sure that you do not apply to any of these establishments because they are either not accredited or have been placed on a blacklist.

This article provides a list of universities in the United States that have been placed on a “blacklist” due to the fact that they are not accredited to grant diplomas, certificates, or degrees to students coming from any area of the world and that they operate unlawfully.

What Are the Universities That Are Blacklisted?

To put it more plainly, term refers to bogus educational institutions. These schools are not accredited, and it is believed that they are operating in violation of the law. They are largely interested in making money, hence they welcome students from other countries and accept pupils with low profiles.

The phrase “university on the blacklist” could cause some confusion. Nevertheless, it is used by the majority of international education providers, particularly for blacklisted colleges in the United States and students, to define schools that fall under one of the following categories:

  • Universities that have had their accreditation revoked, don’t have an accreditation, or don’t have an accreditation that is recognized or trustworthy
  • Schools that are willing to enroll pupils even if they have low or mediocre grades.

How can I know if the university I’m dealing with is a scam or not?

List of USA Blacklisted Universities in 2022 - How can I know if the university I'm dealing with is a scam or not
list of fake online universities – how to spot them!

Before submitting an application, the majority of students do not check the accreditation status of the institution they plan to attend. This has resulted in students in the United States and other countries who have attended blacklisted universities making claims that they would not have done so “had that I knew.” These claims are made unintentionally. The following criteria can be used to establish whether a college or university is legitimate or not accredited:

1. Universities that accept students with very low profiles and do not require either the GRE or the TOEFL:

The acceptance of students who have a low profile is one of the most typical characteristics of terrible institutions, often known as blacklisted universities in the United States of America and other nations. This involves receiving low test scores as well as performing poorly in academics. Some applicants do not even have the required score on either the GRE or the TOEFL.

There is a possibility that some will accept TOEFL and give admission. It is possible that a low-profile school is one of the blacklisted universities in the United States of America and also in other countries if, for instance, it admits students who scored approximately fifty percent on their academic work during their undergraduate years, who have between ten and fifteen backlogs in their academics, and who have scores that are low, such as the TOEFL scores of sixty or less or so. In this example, if you examine schools that offer admissions to students who scored approximately fifty percent on their academic work

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Because there is always the possibility of exceptions, I am not going to try to generalize this situation. However, let’s say that a large number of students who meet the requirements outlined above are accepted into the program or given I20s.

In that instance, you need to give some consideration to the credentials that the institution possesses; otherwise, you could be leading yourself into a trap. There is a chance that the United States Department of State keeps tabs on schools that are known to admit kids who have a low profile, which could one day set off an attack. Students might get visas, but they should be aware that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency will be tracking the entire process. If the University continues to misuse the system in any way, it is impossible to predict when it will finally blow.

2. Educational institutions that are referred to as diploma mills or degree mills and do not have the required accreditation:

A degree mill, often referred to as a diploma mill, is a school that awards degrees that do not satisfy the standards set forth by an organization that is officially recognized. These degrees are not accepted by that institution. In addition, the process of accreditation is a topic that needs to be carefully investigated and evaluated.

  • It is possible to identify universities on the blacklist in the United States as well as in other countries, and it is also possible to determine whether or not the university is accredited by searching for schools on the website of the United States Department of Education Accreditation.
  • Additional details regarding Accreditation can be found on the Department of Education website of the United States Accreditation.

3. Colleges and universities that engage in unlawful activities by skirting the rules or breaching them outright:

Consider the case of Tri-Valley State University, which was revealed to have committed visa fraud and serves as an example to illustrate this point. I.C.E. conducted a search at the university, which resulted in around 1555 students getting into significant difficulty.

A similar occurrence occurred at Herguan University, where the Chief Executive Officer was charged with visa fraud; such universities that engage in unlawful operations are put to the list of blacklisted universities in the United States.

You must be extremely vigilant; even if your school is following the proper procedure to apply for C.P.T., the types of schools that can get you into trouble are ones that provide C.P.T. right from the beginning, and some are successful in implementing these options. Another thing to think about is universities that provide C.P.T. right away, and some are successful in implementing these options.

4. Universities that have received their accreditation from a “accreditation mill”

An accreditation mill is an organization that grants accreditation to universities, but this accreditation is not recognized by a mainstream education body such as the United States Department of Education, the Secretary of Education, or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. 4. Universities that have received their accreditation from a “accreditation mill”

The common usage of the term “mill” denotes that the criteria for participation are extremely lax, comparable to those of “degree or diploma mills.” When it comes to the type of accreditation that a school possesses, you need to exercise extreme caution. You could think of diploma mills as institutions that are accredited by accreditation mills; net in net, a low standard of accreditation is given to a poor standard school.

Checking the website of the United States Department of Education to determine the institution’s accreditation standing is absolutely necessary for this reason. You are welcome to review the comprehensive list of organizations that do not meet the criteria for higher education accreditation.

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How can you be sure that the university you attend is an accredited educational institution?

There are three ways to evaluate universities in the United States to see if they are among the best. The following are the three primary considerations to keep in mind:

  • Accreditation is necessary for every college that wants to be taken seriously.
  • The college absolutely has to be home to the functioning campus.
  • In the event that the university does not provide the unreliable information,

Finding banned universities in the United States is one of the things that can be difficult for students who wish to go study in another country. It is necessary for them to undertake in-depth research on the schools that they wish to attend in order to avoid getting admitted into bogus establishments.

International students have a responsibility to investigate the legitimacy of the schools they are considering enrolling in; failing to do so could result in the revocation of their student visas.

Because of issues with counterfeit student visas, approximately 130 Indian students have been taken into custody at the United States border since the beginning of the year and sent back to their home country. The reason behind this is that they enrolled themselves in sanctioned universities in the United States.

A Listing Of Universities That Have Been Banned and blacklisted In The USA

Students from both countries are able to receive teaching of a high quality at some of the world’s most prominent universities, which are located in the United States.

However, there are some institutions found within the United States that are not only on the list of the worst universities in the United States but also on the list of fraudulent universities. This list of colleges that have been blacklisted in the United States of America, as well as the list of phony online institutions in the United States of America, is unending; nevertheless, we will not mention all of them here.

Therefore, the following are examples of some of the United States’ bogus universities:
Name of university (blacklisted)
American Global International University Florida
American Global University School of Medicine Ohio
American International University of Management and Technology Hawaii
American Management University California
Cal Southern University Texas
Bettis Christian University Arkansas
Chadwick University Alabama
Dorcas University Hawaii
Frederick Taylor University California
Honolulu university Hawaii
Kentucky Christian University Kentucky
Madison University Mississippi
Pacific International University Missouri
Suffield University Connecticut
Washington International University Pennsylvania
International University for Graduate Studies St. Kitts and Nevis
Georgia Christian University Georgia
LaSalle University Louisiana
Cambridge State University Mississippi
University of Beverly Hills California
Tennessee Christian University Tennessee
American Central University Wyoming
American Century University New Mexico


How Can You Protect Yourself From Applying to Universities in the United States That Are on a Blacklist?

1. Academic prerequisites

The majority of educational establishments found in the United States of America are highly competitive and are among the very top universities in the United States for foreign students. They have rates that are acceptable, and they select applicants based on the applicants’ academic histories, GRE scores, and TOFEL standards.

In addition, entrance exams are offered by several universities. If a university permits students to apply with very minimal academic prerequisites, then it is probably on the list of universities that are not allowed to grant degrees in the United States of America.

For example, if you are admitted into the program while having low scores or if you have not taken the GRE or TOFEL, there is a good probability that you will be put in jeopardy.

Be aware of establishments since you could be given a student visa if they welcome students from other countries, but then your school could be raided on a certain day, and you could be deported back to your native country. If they do accept students from other countries, be wary of them.

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2. The Accrediting Process

Every educational institution and program must have it in order for a university to be considered a genuine candidate for accreditation. Accreditation of educational institutions like universities and colleges can be achieved by a wide number of organizations. There are approximately sixty organizations in the United States of America that are capable of carrying out accreditation at the present time.

It is possible to verify the institution’s or college’s certification on the institution’s or college’s website, which is linked to the website of the United States Department of Education. This will allow you to determine whether or not the institution or college is accredited by a well-known agency.

To acquire additional knowledge, conduct a search for the name of your school on the website of the accreditation institution to determine whether or not it is listed there. The United States Department of Education is a good resource for additional information regarding accreditation.

3. The various services that are accessible to students

If the educational establishment is not accredited, students will not be eligible to receive financial aid or scholarships that are supported by the government through the educational establishment. Steer careful of an educational institution that chooses you entirely on the basis of the experiences you’ve gained in the working world.

If students are not expected to be in class, then it cannot be considered a credible institution. It is against the law for a university to function if it does not provide appropriate student facilities, such as a library, career services, and tutoring, available to its students.

4. The location of the educational establishment

When looking for a new university or college, it is critical to confirm the address of the campus. Additionally, investigate the institution’s faculties, class offerings, and facilities. On their websites, many con artists would fool customers by presenting gorgeous pictures of college campuses. Ensure that the school is the legal owner of the land.

You may check the accuracy of the address listed on the website by looking it up on Google Maps.

One of the stories about the fraud that was conducted around the United States that was repeated the most frequently was about a university in the United States that was placed on a blacklist and was called The University of Farmington. They were one of the worst institutions in the United States. They did not have any teachers or classes, and they were not accredited. The only official address shown for them on Google Maps was a post office box number.

Their primary purpose was to accept students from other countries, the majority of them were from India. After being open for business for more than four years, it was closed in 2019.

5. Faculty

An other factor that establishes the legitimacy of a school is the teaching staff that works there. Information about the teaching staff will be made available by legitimate universities. If the university to which you are considering applying does not make any information on its faculty members available to prospective applicants, you should reconsider your interest in attending that establishment.

To be absolutely certain, you should check the name of the faculty at a relatively new college on LinkedIn. This will give you peace of mind.

6. Well specified curriculum

If a school advertises that students can finish their coursework in a shorter amount of time than the average amount of time needed to do so, that school is probably on the United States’ list of colleges that have been banned. For instance, it is a good sign if a degree can be earned from a university in a single year.

The universities are responsible for designing a program that is unmistakable and meticulously outlined, and it must clarify what knowledge and skills students are expected to gain.

7. Alumni’s feedback

The majority of colleges in the United States offer former students the opportunity to provide comments on their experiences with the teaching staff, educational campuses, facilities, campus life, and other students. On the school’s website, you may find the responses to the questions. If you are unable to discover any information on the school’s website, you should assume that it is one of the universities that has been banned in the United States.


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