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Qatar University Postgraduate Scholarships Spring 2023 (Fully Funded)

Scholarships for Postgraduate Study at Qatar University, Spring 2023 (Fully Funded)

Qatar University Postgraduate Scholarships: The Qatar University Postgraduate Scholarship Program is currently accepting applications from overseas students for the spring of 2023. Scholarships for postgraduate study at Qatar University can be used toward earning a master’s degree, doctorate, doctorate in pharmacy, or diploma.

At this time, Qatar University is home to 29 Master’s programs, 9 Diploma programs, 20 Doctorate programs, and 2 Doctorate programs. Every class is conducted in the English language. The academic year 2023–2024 is one of the potential academic sessions for the award.

Qatar University, which dates back to 1973, is the sole institution of its kind in the country that is classified as a public research university. More than sixteen thousand individuals from all across the world have decided to pursue higher education. This award to pursue a postgraduate program in Qatar is offered by the university, and it covers almost all of the academic fields and careers that are available. With this scholarship, you won’t have to worry about covering any costs associated with studying overseas.

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Details of Qatar University Postgraduate Scholarships

University University of Qatar
Country Qatar
Syllabus MSc, Ph.D., PharmD, Diploma
Term September 28, 2022

Financial benefits:

  • Waiver of course registration fees.
  • Provision of University Accommodation.
  • Exemption from textbook fees.
  • Annual round trip air ticket.

Available academic fields:

University of Arts and Sciences:

  • Doctor. in Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Doctor. in Gulf Studies
  • Master of Arts in Arabic Literature and Language
  • Master of Arts in Gulf Studies
  • Master of Science in Applied Statistics
  • Master of Science in Environmental Science
  • Master of Science in Materials Science and Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in Corrosion
  • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics
  • College of Business and Economics
  • Doctor. In business administration
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Marketing.

University of education:

College of Engineering:

  • Doctor. in Engineering-Architecture
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Chemical Engineering
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Civil Engineering
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Computer Science
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Computer Engineering
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Electrical Engineering
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Engineering Management
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Environmental Engineering
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Science and Materials Engineering
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Mechanical Engineering
  • Doctor. in Engineering-Urbanism
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master in Urban Planning and Design
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Engineering Management
  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Law School:

  • Master of Laws in Public Law
  • Master of Laws in Private Law
  • Graduate Certificate in Legal Studies

College of Medicine:

  • Doctor. in Medical Sciences

College of Pharmacy:

  • Doctor. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (full time)
  • Master of Science in Pharmacy (full-time)

Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies:

Faculty of Health Sciences:

  • Doctor. in Biomedical Sciences
  • Master in public health
  • Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences
  • Master in Genetic Counseling
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Eligibility Criteria:

  • International students, residents of Qatar are eligible. All nationalities are welcome.
  • Applicants who have obtained a bachelor’s or graduate degree from an accredited institution of higher education.

Admission requirements for PhD candidates:

  • The applicant must have a master’s degree or higher with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Standardized test scores (eg, GRE, GMAT) are required to apply for all doctoral programs offered in English.
  • To check the specific requirements for each Department / Faculty

Admission Requirements for Master Candidates:

  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or higher with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.
  • Consult Specific Requirements for each Department/College.


The latest date to apply to Qatar University is September 28, 2022 for Fall Spring 2023 intake.


The process of this scholarship is online, please refer to the link below to apply online or check the official scholarship announcement.